Aldo Rota. Milan-Italy

Aldo Rota . "Working Project". Spazio Strato.  Milan. Italy. September 2007.


The black and white of Aldo Rota is extensive and resounds like a jazz piano, and from jazz he borrows the rhythm, a certain structure, with long sequences of variations on simple themes, pauses and consequently a return to the original (all white and all black, complete, dense and resounding) piano, the colour of the keys, that visual world ,irrevocably binary that makes you a prisoner and doesn't let go.I n short, I say the black and white of Rota breathes "the air of other planets".

I will tell you what I see in the paintings: explosions, rotations, orbits, trajectories and also falling stars; whirlwinds, enormous waves, the tremor measured on the Richter scale, weft (as the fibre of fabrics is seen under a microscope) lattice, brambles, barbed wire, circles,s tratification and joints like the light you see in between the branches of a forest, the earth from above like crossing clouds, arches running one after the other; strong lines-force will have shorten one century (or two), here,in Milan where the futurist flourished.

Rota's paintings seem to breathe and fuse an internal rhythm with the essential movement of life.

Text by Marco Di Capua

Statham wrote 2 untitled pieces of music to accompany this exhibition and spent a great amount of time before writing, contemplating images from the exhibition. The music, as described above ,takes a simple theme and adds many variations too it,that were cyclical in nature and worked very well with Rota's paintings.




Above:Aldo Rota Studio Vermezzo 2007

Below:Sign a- 109


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