Antonella Piro. Turin-Italy

Antonella Piro

SUONO SENZA VOCE-St Josephs Church -Turin-Italy

23/10 to 21/11/2003



Saturday 23 October, in the former church of St. Joseph Turin , artist Antonella Piro will exhibit her latest works.
The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Municipality and the Apa (Association Piedmont art) and the patronage of the Province.
The development, which proposes large works (there are paintings by 4.20 to 2.15 meters) subject to informal, will be accompanied by a catalogue with an introduction by curator Paul Levi.
The art critic writes: "Painter lirico-astratta, Piro does not play with appearances, but the harmony of randomness, experience which does not propose solutions, but who have no feelings with the natural references. Striking in its proceedings inventive determination to tackle the route as open space, while indefinite, structured through precious scans, which do not offer help for the observer suggest satisfying reading keys, but to solve the many elements visually symbolic appearing as explosions or implosions, occupying the surface of the picture. "
The inauguration will be accompanied by the Choir of St Josephs' conducted by Joseph Gai with a repertoire of "sacred Variations", music directore of the cello section of the Conservatory Torino Marco Ferrari will present a series of pieces titled "Meditation", Simona Da Pozzo and Marta Fernandez will perform the dance "Fall 3" . A video produced by artist Ugo Giletta entitled "Portrait of Antonella Piro " will be shown .Music has been written by English electronic composer Paul Statham to accompany the exhibition, which will end on 21 November, and will be open to the public, with the exception of Monday, every day from 16 to 19.

Statham has worked with Antonella on numerous occasion's and is always moved by her work."I find it very easy to be inspired by the sense of movement and depth in her paintings, there is usually a zen like element to her work and to visit her studio and see all the work together is a fascinating experience".



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