Blue.  Cavagnolo-Italy

Blue: Cavagnolo. Place Arte Contemporanea. Italy. March 2002.


The Blue exhibition opened in the Italian village of Cavagnolo in March 2002. Featuring work from 26 artists, including Yves Klein,Basil Beattie, Rob Ward, Robert Pan,Antonella Piro and Mario Surbone.The exhibition explored the colour Blue and its effect and influence on various artists and their work. The photograph Statham used was taken in America, its location and date long forgotten among the pictures taken over 10 years touring the world with singer Peter Murphy. It was also to be featured in an exhibition in Paris as part of a collage of images,but when isolated, became powerfully iconic. It was etched onto a light box approximately 30cm x20cm creating a foreboding piece of work.


© paul statham 2013