British Contemporary Art. Paris-France

British Contemporary Art. Galerie Alain le Gaillard. Paris. France. April 2002

A six artist show curated by Victor de Circasia to showcase contemporary artists based in the U.K.

Paul Statham's work was entitled "dislocation" and was comprised of a DVD player, plasma screen and a collage of all the images included in the DVD, set on the gallery wall next to the screen.Images faded onto the screen , broken up by various quotes and accompanied by a 10 minute soundtrack. The images bore little relationship to each other and took on a life of their own when removed from a conventional setting. The music provided a cyclical random element that gave the images a ghostly quality and provided an ethereal narratitive to the screen show. The collage was filled with colour and became a piece in its own right. All 6 artists work interreacted very well with each other and the show was very enjoyable to be a part of.





Jordan Basement - Sarah Beddington - Zadok Ben David - Annie Cattrell - Neil Rollinson - Paul Statham



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