Cielo Ocra Terra Blu. Turin-Italy

Giuliana Fresco "Cielo Ocra Terra Blu". Location: Palazzo Bricherasio Turin. Italy. April 2003

Since the 90’s Fresco’s paintings have grown in their complexity. She previously received wide critical acclaim for her portraiture work, more recently her work has grow in abstraction, revealing a need to let painting and colour become more expressive.
Much of Fresco’s work is caught in the boundaries of references to emotions and feelings for a particular place. The atmosphere of the place is finally discovered on the canvas. She manages, with outstanding skill, to identify and comment about a location, attaining a deep and learned reaction from it.
In her paintings there is a relief from the straight forward representation, and instead, she presents us with an altered situation. A poetic language of an animated nature emerges from the rich colours that allows us to be reconciled with the memory, time and space of that particular place. The attraction to the urban setting of her paintings lies in its musically and constant variations. The work reveals the path, influences and significance of this corner of the environment. She depicts and has full engagement with expression and colour, the dynamic and the ambience of the place.For the exhibition Statham wrote 4 pieces of music; 2 short 45 second compositions (Visit 1 & 2) that feature on the video documentary by Jonny Graham and 2 longer pieces (ephemeral 276 & Gone to ground) that play in the exhibition itself.

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