Luisa Valentini. Castello Falletti di Barolo-Italy.

Luisa Valentini

SILENZIO & BELLEZZA - Castello Falletti di Barolo Italy

27/09 to 16/11/2003

CHRONOLOGIE DER NATUR - Galerie Artmark Spital Austria




This is an exhibition developed in 3 different themes,in which Luisa Valentini involves us in a voyage through the animated world of nature;a nature that sometimes appears closed,insignificant and hard,but at the same time she is able to recreate the fantatstic and the spiritual with multiple elements.The works of this artist are not far from a faithful representation of reality,abstracting from it and offering a sensorial,evocative and highly symbolic interpretation..The above work "Sensa Nome" was particularly inspiring to the music created to accompany her exhibitions.Here the language is literally a piece of clothing and the absent body,but also serving as a shield and armature.The absence of a body becomes fully apparent in the context of a recipient having been abandoned.The popular view is to search for the absentee,the gender and the reason to wear such an object.Music was created through breathes,tension,and a distant piano melody.


The above sculpture "Rosa Nera" reveals the nature spirit and inner conflict.It can be seen as a response to the violence and danger,which are also part of natures attributes.

The music for this installation was titled "chronology of nature"

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