Today & Tomorrow. London-United Kingdom.

Today and Tomorow. All Saints Church, West Dulwich. London. UK. May 2002

An immense sculpture installation by award winning Japanese artist Noriaki Maeda held in the burnt out ruins of the All saints church in West Dulwich. Maeda created an incredible piece of work to reflect his views on the manipulation of space, giving power to the sculpture.He creates a communion between the old architecture and contemporary abstract sculpture. Stathams work was held in the crypt, and was a series of 4 small films to accompany a musical soundtrack of 4 pieces.The music can be described as a "chromatic composition, not far away from what we call sacred music and sustains a logic of taking a story which develops into a crescendo with a finale that is unresolved. One piece,"white rose" was a collaboration with poet Neil Rollinson and a further musical installation was provided by Italian artist Silvio Wolf.



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